$ 59.00 CAD

Tier 1: - Bronze Package:

Published on
May 15, 2023
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Tier 2: - Silver Package:

Experience the elevated care of our Gold package, which includes a thorough cleaning regimen specifically designed to uphold the captivating exterior of your Tesla.

Tier 4: - Platinum Package:

The ultimate in exterior care, this package is designed for those seeking the highest level of detailing for their Tesla.

Tier 1: - Bronze Package:

This package offers a detailed and comprehensive cleaning routine to maintain the stunning look of your Tesla's exterior.

Tier 3: - Gold Package:

This premier package is designed to give your Tesla a full revitalization from the outside in, using the most advanced cleaning techniques and eco-friendly products to ensure the utmost care and preservation of your Tesla.


Long description: Our Entry Level Exterior Detail package is specifically designed to offer a fast and meticulous cleaning service for your Tesla's exterior, ensuring a rejuvenated and well-maintained appearance in just 30 minutes. This package is ideal for busy Tesla owners who desire a clean vehicle without investing too much time at our facility. Our professional team uses the latest techniques and eco-friendly products to provide you with the best results while caring for the environment.

Face of the rim cleaning using specialized brushes and wheel-safe cleaning agents to effectively remove brake dust and road grime, restoring a clean and polished look

Application of a water-based, non-sling tire shine for a glossy finish and added UV protection, enhancing the overall appearance of your Tesla

Cleaning and treatment of exterior glass surfaces with streak-free cleaning agents and specialized glass towels for improved visibility, glare reduction, and hydrophobic properties

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Comprehensive Vehicle Assessment: We meticulously scrutinize your Tesla's exterior, pinpointing areas that demand extra care.

High-Pressure Pre-Wash: Our pre-wash phase employs high-pressure water to dislodge loose dirt and debris, effectively minimizing scratch risk during subsequent wash steps.

Luxurious Foam Bath: Your Tesla is then enveloped in a dense, all-natural foam using a specialized pressure washer attachment, designed to lift deep-set contaminants from the paintwork.

Gentle Hand Cleanse: Our team hand-washes your vehicle using a pH-balanced, eco-friendly soap and ultra-plush microfiber mitts. This process assures a thorough, swirl-free clean.

Precision Rinse: We utilize a pressure washer to eradicate all soap residue and contaminants, ensuring a flawlessly clean finish.

Delicate Hand-Drying: Finally, your Tesla is carefully hand-dried with ultra-soft, high-quality microfiber towels. This step prevents water spots and scratches, leaving your Tesla with a pristine and gleaming appearance.

Our Silver Exterior Detailing Package is perfect for regular maintenance, ensuring your Tesla always looks its absolute best.