$ 99.00 CAD

Tier 2: "Tesla Care Plus"

Published on
May 8, 2023
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Tier 3: "Tesla Care Ultra"

A comprehensive monthly cleaning service that combines our Monthly Maintenance Exterior and Interior packages, ensuring your Tesla remains in top condition inside and out.

Tier 1: "Tesla Care Essentials"

A consistent monthly exterior cleaning service that helps preserve your Tesla's appearance and keeps it looking fresh all year round.

Tier 2: "Tesla Care Plus"

A convenient monthly interior cleaning service that maintains a fresh and comfortable driving environment for you and your passengers.


Our Monthly Maintenance Interior package is perfect for Tesla owners who want to maintain a clean and pleasant driving environment consistently. This monthly service includes a detailed cleaning of your Tesla's interior, ensuring it remains fresh, comfortable, and free from dirt and grime.

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Interior inspection: A thorough inspection of the Tesla's interior to identify any specific areas needing extra attention

Vacuuming of all carpets, floor mats, and upholstery, removing dirt, debris, and pet hair

Wiping down and dusting of all interior surfaces, including the dashboard, center console, and door panels, using gentle cleaning agents and microfiber cloths

Cleaning and conditioning of leather surfaces (if applicable) to maintain their appearance and protect against cracking and fading

Cleaning and treatment of interior glass surfaces with streak-free cleaning agents and specialized glass towels for improved visibility and glare reduction

Spot cleaning of any stains or spills on upholstery and carpets using specialized cleaning solutions and techniques

Deodorizing and air freshener treatment to maintain a fresh and pleasant cabin atmosphere