$ 99.00 CAD

Tier 1: "Tesla Care Essentials"

Published on
May 8, 2023
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Tier 1: "Tesla Care Essentials"

A consistent monthly exterior cleaning service that helps preserve your Tesla's appearance and keeps it looking fresh all year round.

Tier 3: "Tesla Care Ultra"

A comprehensive monthly cleaning service that combines our Monthly Maintenance Exterior and Interior packages, ensuring your Tesla remains in top condition inside and out.

Tier 2: "Tesla Care Plus"

A convenient monthly interior cleaning service that maintains a fresh and comfortable driving environment for you and your passengers.


Our Monthly Maintenance Exterior package is designed for Tesla owners who want to ensure their vehicle's exterior remains in top condition throughout the year. This monthly service includes a thorough cleaning and inspection, maintaining the shine and protective features of your Tesla's exterior, keeping it looking as good as new.

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Vehicle inspection: A thorough inspection of the Tesla's exterior to identify any specific areas needing extra attention

Pre-rinse with high-pressure water to effectively remove loose dirt and debris, minimizing potential scratches during the washing process

Gentle hand-wash using pH-balanced, eco-friendly soap and ultra-soft microfiber wash mitts, ensuring a swirl-free and thorough cleaning experience

Particular attention to door jambs, gas cap area, and other tight spaces, using specialized brushes and cleaning agents to remove dirt and grime

Detailed rinse using a pressure washer to eliminate all soap residue and contaminants, leaving a spotless finish

Careful hand-drying with ultra-soft, high-quality microfiber towels to prevent water spots and scratches, ensuring a pristine appearance

Face of the rim cleaning using specialized brushes and wheel-safe cleaning agents to effectively remove brake dust and road grime, restoring a clean and polished look

Application of a water-based, non-sling tire shine for a glossy finish and added UV protection, enhancing the overall appearance of your Tesla

Cleaning and treatment of exterior glass surfaces with streak-free cleaning agents and specialized glass towels for improved visibility, glare reduction, and hydrophobic properties

Cleaning and polishing exterior trim, door handles, and mirrors using dedicated cleaning solutions and tools, restoring their original appearance, and providing protection from the elements