$ 319.00 CAD

Full Detailing Package - Plaid Edition:

Published on
October 24, 2023
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Full Detailing Package - Sport Edition:

Experience an all-encompassing cleaning solution for your Tesla with our Full Detailing Package - Sport Edition. This package combines the best of our Sport Exterior Detailing and Sport Interior Detailing packages, offering a complete inside-out rejuvenation for your Tesla.

Full Detailing Package - Plaid Edition:

Elevate the cleanliness and shine of your Tesla with our Full Detailing Package - Plaid Edition. This premium package merges the best of our Plaid Exterior Detailing and Plaid Interior Detailing packages, providing a comprehensive inside-out refurbishment for your Tesla.


The Full Detail Plaid Package is the ultimate cleaning and protection service for Tesla owners who demand the best for their vehicle. This package combines our Exterior Plaid Package and Interior Plaid Package, providing the most detailed and thorough transformation for your Tesla, inside and out. It's perfect for those who want to maintain their Tesla in showroom condition.

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Exterior Detailing:

  1. Detailed Exterior Inspection
  2. High-Pressure Pre-Wash
  3. Rich Foam Bath
  4. Precision Cleaning of Hard-to-reach Areas
  5. Gentle Hand Wash
  6. Final Rinse & Dry
  7. Clay Bar Treatment
  8. High-Quality Wax Application
  9. Tire Rinse and shine

Interior Detailing:

  1. In-depth Vacuuming
  2. Meticulous Interior Surface Wipe Down
  3. Interior Glass Cleaning
  4. Trim Detailing
  5. Leather Care
  6. Cupholder & Compartment Cleaning
  7. Plastic & Vinyl Conditioning
  8. Full Interior Steam Cleaning
  9. Headliner Cleaning

The Full Detailing Package - Plaid Edition is our ultimate offering, bringing out the best in your Tesla and making it shine like never before. Indulge in an unmatched depth of cleaning and enjoy a refreshed and rejuvenated driving experience.