$ 149.00 CAD

Tier 2: Sport Package

Published on
October 24, 2023
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Tier 1: Chill Package

Experience the elevated care of our Chill package, which includes a thorough cleaning regimen specifically designed to uphold the captivating exterior of your Tesla.

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The ultimate in exterior care, this package is designed for those seeking the highest level of detailing for their Tesla.

Tier 2: Sport Package

This premier package is designed to give your Tesla a full revitalization from the outside in, using the most advanced cleaning techniques and eco-friendly products to ensure the utmost care and preservation of your Tesla.


The Exterior Sport Package delivers a meticulous exterior cleaning service along with added protection for your Tesla. This package includes a high-quality paint sealant application for lasting protection, and all services from the Exterior Chill Package. Ideal for Tesla owners who want their vehicle to look stunning and benefit from enhanced paint protection.

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High-Pressure Pre-Wash: We start with a high-pressure wash to loosen surface dirt and grime, prepping the vehicle for the comprehensive cleaning process.

Bug & Tar Removal: We apply a specially formulated solution to dissolve and remove stubborn bug residues and tar spots from your Tesla's exterior, ensuring a smooth and clean surface.

Foam Bath: Your Tesla is then enveloped with a rich, high-quality foam using a specialized pressure washer attachment, lifting embedded contaminants from the paint surface.

Wheel & Tire Detailing: We meticulously clean, scrub, and shine your wheels and tires using dedicated tools and products, restoring a gleaming, brand-new appearance.

Detail Brush Cleaning: Hard-to-reach areas and crevices are attentively cleaned with a soft-bristle detailing brush, ensuring a comprehensive cleaning down to the smallest detail.

Hand Wash: A gentle hand wash using premium microfiber wash mitts effectively removes dirt deep within the paintwork, maintaining the integrity of your Tesla's finish.

Rinse & Dry: After a final rinse, your Tesla is hand-dried with plush microfiber cloths, ensuring a spot-free finish and preventing water spot damage.

High-Quality Wax Application: To finish, we coat your Tesla in a superior wax, forming a protective barrier against contaminants and UV rays. This wax imparts a hydrophobic effect and a brilliant, long-lasting shine.

Final Inspection: We conduct a thorough final inspection to ensure every aspect of the detailing process meets our high-quality standards.

Indulge your Tesla in our Gold Exterior Detailing Package, where we redefine cleanliness and shine, ensuring your vehicle remains in pristine condition.